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Leviathan (1a version)

YouTube video von GeblockTT (English subtitles)
YouTube video from Thailand about the SpinLord Leviathan
YouTube Video without speech about the SpinLord Leviathan
Speed: 4
Control: 4
Deception: 9.5
Colors: only black !
Sponges: ox
Type of rubber: Long pips
Made in: China

Important notice:

Please note that the "1a" version of the Leviathan will be replaced with the "Premium" version.

The "Premium" version is the newest and final version of the Leviathan. It is much more durable and it is also available in red. However, the Leviathan "1a" remains to be the most dangerous version. The Leviathan "Premium" on the other hand enables more precise ball placement and is more versatile.

Please ask your distributor which version he is selling if it is not clearly marked by him.

The Leviathan 1a is a new version of our most popular rubber "Dornenglanz". And yes, it is really only available in ox black !

This rubber is a little bit more durable and elastic then the Dornenglanz, and also a little bit slower due to its ultra high grip.

It plays similar to the Dornenglanz and can offer you 100% "Dornenglanz feeling". And of course that means it also has been made for blocking close to the table.

The Leviathan 1a is easy to master but more dangerous then similar rubbers. The very sticky pimple tops make it suitable even for ABS plastic balls.

We think this rubber is the best option for players who are not 100% satisfied with the Dornenglanz but find that other rubbers like Blitzschlag, Zeitgeist etc. are not dangerous enough.

Durability of the pimples: average

Pimple tops: flat, extra sticky

Shape of the pimples: straight

Please note that the description of the Leviathan on the packing of the rubber is not correct.