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Sometimes we receive mails from players who want to be sponsored by SpinLord. That is why we would like to make some short remarks about this. If you are a player and are interested in being sponsored by SpinLord, please note the requirements are as follows:

  • You will have to actually play with at least one rubber from SpinLord.
  • We prefer players playing with short or long pimple-out rubbers.
  • You should be among the best 350 players in the world (men´s or women).
  • You should be willing also to do something for us, like pictures, videos etc.
  • You should play in Europe or any other country where we have many customers.

If you can fulfill all requirements and want to be sponsored by SpinLord, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this matter further with you.


At the moment we are rethinking our strategy of sponsoring players and teams. At the moment only the sponsoring of the following players will be continued:

Ioana Tepelea

Ioana Tepelea from Romania is now playing Keiler in 2,0 mm on FH + BH. Although she is only 17 years old, she already has become one of the best Paralympic players in the world. One again she shows that Keiler is among the very few half-long pimple-out rubbers that can be played also by professional players. We are very optimistic that she even will be able to win a medal at the next paralympic games.

Fabian Äkerström and Anna-Carin Ahlquist

Together with our distributor from Sweden, japsko, we also supply two more top-players with rubbers, Fabian Åkerström and Anna-Carin Ahlquist (both from Sweden).

Fabian Åkerström won the Swedish championships in single  playing with Dornenglanz ox red on backhand. He still is playing this rubber several years later….

Anna-Carin Ahlquist is a Swedish wheelchair player who won the gold medal in single and the silver medal in team at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. At that time she also played with Dornenglanz ox, but on forehand. Now she has changed to SpinLord Keiler in 1,2 mm. On backhand she now plays SpinLord Keiler in 2,0 mm.