Dear customer,
we would be very thankful if you would support your local SpinLord distributor.
You will almost always get the best service and price if you order from one of the official SpinLord distributors from your country.

Please find a list of all official SpinLord distributors below.

In case there is no SpinLord distributor in your country, or the distributor doesn´t have the SpinLord item you would like to order, you have the following options:

You can order all SpinLord items from us via our website ttdd.de directly:
www.ttdd.de (worldwide shipping)

Of course ttdd.de has the largest amount of SpinLord items in stock.
But there are also 3 drawbacks: We can´t offer any cheap shipping rates for DHL Express and we can only accept payment with PayPal for orders from outside the EU. And our website is available only in German language.

If you wish for a distributor who can offer you cheap shipping rates for DHL Express to your country, or you want to pay with a credit card, this distributor may be your best choice:


Please also note that some of our distributors, for example Japsko from Sweden, are able to offer you a very special service: They can glue the long pimple rubbers we only sell in ox together with a sponge of your or their choice by hand.

Our worldwide distributors are:

http://tabletennisshop.com.au (Australia)

www.higra-tischtennis.at (Austria)
https://atte.at/ (Austria)

www.shop-ping.be (Belgium)
http://fr.dandoy-sports.eu (Belgium)

http://www.kineske-gume.rama.hr/ (Croatia)

pinec.cz (Czech Republik)
http://pincesobchod.cz (Czech Republik)
www.sportspin.cz (Czech Republik)

www.btex.dk (Denmark)

www.tabletennis11.com (Estonia)

http://www.tabletennis11.fr (France, shop in Paris and mail order)
Mister Ping (France, mail order)
www.friendship-sport.fr (France, shop in Paris)

http://chunhingtt.com (Hong Kong)
http://www.tabletenniskingdom.com (Hong Kong)

www.lhsport-shop.hu (Hungary)

www.pingpongindonesia.com (Indonesia)

TT Planet (Italy)
www.zeropong.it (Italy)
Effepi Sport (Italy)

www.liberott.com (Republic of Korea)

www.tt-shop.lu (Luxemburg)

www.stalotenisui.lt (Lithuania)

www.tenryu.com.my (Malaysia)

www.sporteurope.nl (Netherlands)
www.posno-sport.nl (Netherlands)

https://www.facebook.com/spinlordph/ (Philippines)

www.inters.pl (Poland)

www.patsport.pt (Portugal)

www.tenis-de-masa.com (Romania)

www.vistasport.ru (Russia)
www.terrapong.ru (Russia)

http://pincesobchod.sk (Slovakia)
www.funstar.sk (Slovakia)

www.100x100pingpong.com (Spain)
www.vsport.es (Spain)

www.japsko.com (Sweden)

http://www.sertec.com.tw (Taiwan)

www.pingponghouse.com (Thailand)

www.customtabletennis.co.uk/ (United Kingdom)

www.michip-sports.com (Vietnam)

We only list distributors who have ordered from us in the last 9 month. Please note that some distributors only have some rubbers in stock (like our long pimple out rubbers) and other distributors have almost all SpinLord items.