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We are so honest to say that many of our products are made in China. But unlike other brands, additional quality tests are done in Germany. Every single SpinLord product has to pass several quality tests before we sell it. Products that don´t pass our quality tests get fixed in Germany or thrown away.


Our products are not only OEM, they are really different to those of other brands. All SpinLord products are developed by SpinLord in Germany with the help of experts from many countries and then produced in the world’s best factories. And we never copy what other brands make. That is not our style; our style is always to create something new and exciting.


When you buy a product from SpinLord you get more for your money compared to products from other brands.
It is not our target to be the cheapest brand in the world; it is our target to be the best brand in the world for a reasonable price.

Mark Koehler, owner of ttdd.de and SpinLord

The sole brand owner of SpinLord is Mark Koehler from Germany, who has been very successful with ttdd.de (table-tennis distributor mainly for rubbers made in China) in Germany since 2002.

Mark Koehler is no top-player and no top-coach (although he did work as a coach for some years and of course he can also play table-tennis himself), „only“ an expert for table-tennis blades and rubbers who made first contact with the table-tennis industries already during school time.

Now, more then 20 years later, he has made SpinLord become one of the most exciting table-tennis brands in the world. Of course this success would not have been possible without the help from many others. Just as an example, we have many idealistic distributors who believe in the idea of SpinLord and have been helping us with the development of new products for many years. Also some important factories support us with making major efforts in developing new rubber formulas and other technologies for us.

The best selling items of SpinLord are the long and short pimple-out rubbers. For example Dornenglanz is very popular and is used globally by many top players. For SpinLord, this rubber was the breakthrough that made the brand popular worldwide.

Now SpinLord has a great variety of high-quality rubbers and blades for professional players. SpinLord also offers high-quality products for beginners, but unlike other brands SpinLord does not offer very cheap products for beginners.

Our SpinLord Dornenglanz