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We are currently interested in sponsoring players from Europe who actually play (or are willing to play) with one of our long (!) pimple-out rubbers and who can provide us with high quality video content of some of their games to upload to our YouTube channel.

Players must be professional (1-2 league in Germany, first league in all other countries), no younger than 18 and no older than 40. Players from Belarus and Russia are currently excluded.

We understand that some coaches want to do everything for their players, but we prefer players who have their own mind and ideas.

And currently we are only interested in sponsoring players (male or female) who play with long pimple-out rubbers on one side of the racquet (not short pimple-out rubbers and not pimple-in rubbers).

Sponsorship includes free rubbers and payment. However, we are not interested in working with players who just want to get something from us but do nothing for us, providing us with good videos is part of the sponsored player’s job!

If you are interested, please contact us by email.