Welcome to the table tennis brand of the future!
Spinlord Table Tennis Brand

Welcome to SpinLord !

SpinLord is a young, innovative table-tennis brand from Germany that stands for quality and honesty.

We have customers we highly value in many countries.
Also in Russia and Ukraine, very many players love our products due to its affordable prices.

Some people say our sport has nothing to do with politics and sportsmen should not talk about political matters.
They are not telling the truth.
There is hardly anything more political than sports.

So I would like to make a personal statement at this point:

I am disgusted by the barbaric invasion of the Ukraine.

Many things may not have been good in Ukraine, but there is nothing that can justify this war and the deliberate killing of innocent civilians.

The people in Ukraine have a right to live in freedom and peace in an independent country.

Existing problems must be solved without violence.

All table-tennis players from Russia and Belarus who share our point of view are still welcome as customers, although direct shipment is currently not possible.

Thank you for your taking your time to read this statement.

Mark Koehler (brand owner SpinLord)

Ps: I have visited Ukraine often, so I know what I am talking about.