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Spinlord YouTube channel

2015 we also started our own channel on YouTube.

We can offer you the following kinds of videos:

  • There are videos about our rubbers and blades.
  • There are also videos with players playing our rubbers and blades in competitions.

Important remark: Please check the playlists on our YouTube channel. Here we present very many good videos about SpinLord products from various YouTubers. Sometimes these videos are even better than our own.

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SpinLord YouTube video contest

Dear table tennis players,

we have decided to launch a YouTube competition.

Each winner receives 15 SpinLord or Lion rubbers from our range of their choice (while stocks last) + 4 SpinLord Premium 2022 shirts in any possible size + 4 SpinLord Premium 2015 shorts also in any possible size.

Anyone who submits a video that meets all the requirements wins!

All conditions and requirements can be found below.
Please read these carefully, these are non-negotiable.
We alone decide whether all conditions are met. However, the participant has the right to correct deficiencies and to resubmit the video.

The video that is to take part in the competition will be uploaded to YouTube by the participant, initially only for us to view privately. We then give feedback within 1 week as to whether all conditions are met or whether improvements need to be made.

If we acknowledge that all conditions have been met, it will be published by the participant and we will receive a copy of the video via a file transfer service. The participant then receives their winnings. We are entitled to publish the video on our channel if it is no longer available on the participant’s channel.

Each participant can only submit 1 video. However, YouTubers with more than 3000 subscribers can submit up to 3 videos, one after the other or at the same time. The maximum possible profit can thus be tripled for such YouTubers.

The judges‘ decision is final. Payment of cash instead of receiving the rubbers and textiles is not possible!
The competition ends on August 31, 2021.

The conditions:

  1. In the video, a rubber from SpinLord must be thematically treated, namely one of the pimple-outside rubbers (short, semi-long or long) or one of the antis. The participant can choose the product. YouTubers who want to submit more than 1 video, however, have to address a different product in each video.
  2. Treating thematically means either a test of the rubber, selected special game scenes with a rubber, or the demonstration of striking techniques with a rubber.
  3. SpinLord’s product must not be portrayed negatively. In other words: Please choose a SpinLord rubber you like for the video, and also please choose a rubber that fits your playing style.
  4. The participant must purchase the product himself, as it will not be provided by us for free. However, YouTubers with more than 3000 subscribers will be supplied with a free sample of the rubber they want to make a video about.
  5. The length of the video must be between 4 and 8 minutes. Game scenes must be included at least 80% of the time. By game scenes we mean training or competition in singles – no doubles, no game against a robot.
  6. It must be clearly marked in the video which player is playing with the themed SpinLord rubber on which side of the racket.
  7. No products from competitors may be named. Clothing should try to be neutral as much as possible.
  8. The video quality must be Full HD or HD. The other quality (lighting conditions etc.) must meet high standards.
  9. The video must be in German or English. The texts must be written by yourself. It is not allowed to translate texts with the google translator or similar. But it is allowed to produce a video without texts, if the overall quality is very high.
  10. The players shown in the video are not allowed to be hobby players. They must reach at least a medium level of play.
  11. The video must have been created by the participant himself for this competition. It is also not allowed to use game scenes from an older video or from another creator.
  12. Advertising is allowed at the beginning of the video, but not in between.
  13. All regulations of data protection and copyright under (the very strict) German law must be complied with, i.e. there must be written consent from all players who can be seen in the video. If game scenes from a competition are shown, the consent of the organizer must also be available. If children are shown in the video, the parents must have allowed this.
  14. According to the laws in Germany the video must be marked as advertisement.
  15. Creators from all countries in the world can participate except some overseas countries we can‘t ship to at all at the moment due to the Corona crisis. These are all countries marked red in this list https://www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden/kampagnenseiten/coronavirus.html (mainly countries from South America).