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Ultra Fix 110 ml

Item: glue without VOC
Made in: Japan (glue) EU (bottles+sponges)

A new, improved version of the reliable and successful Ultra Fix glue for table tennis rubbers!

Especially for glues without solvents, there are extreme differences in quality. Our Ultra Fix glue is made in Japan and is, in our opinion, the best glue for table tennis rubbers available at the present time.
The bottles and sponges are made in Europe.

It's main characteristics:

1.Almost oder-free, non-toxic, and, of course, contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC).
2. Very strong adhesive strength. Works great with all kind of sponges.
3. Very easy to use: The glue is very easy to spread and dries very uniformly.
4. Very easy to remove from rubber and blade (including any glue left over after the completed assembly)
5. Very good in play (increase in spin due to an increase in the elasticity of the rubber, but no increase in speed)
6. Easy on the rubbers: The risk of bubbles in minimized.

Our Fast Fix glue is also a very good glue, but Ultra Fix is significantly better and is well worth the extra cost.

We also provide you with 3 large sponges with your order. These are more than what you will need, and should make sure that it will not be necessary for you to buy expensive single replacement sponges.

How to use:

This glue can be applied for all rubbers with sponge. For ox rubbers it is better to use an adhesive sheet like our x-film adhesive sheet.

Your blade must be varnished.
Please cut the sponges into smaller pieces for easier handling. Please use every piece of sponge only once.
Please shake glue before use.
We recomended 1-2 layers of glue on the blade and 2-3 layers of glue on the sponge of the rubber (2 layers are almost always enough).
Please use the smallest side of the sponge to spread the glue evenly on blade and sponge.
Please let every layer of glue dry until it looses its white colour. Depending on the rubber this will take about 20 minutes. Please note: The longer you let the glue dry, the better the result will be. You can even let the glue dry for hours...
After that you can attach the rubber to the blade.
Please note that compared to other glues we suggest to use a little bit more glue for each layer. Even if you apply to much on the blade or rubber, it can be spread easily with the sponge. If you apply to little it will not be possible to spread the glue at all.