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GeblockTT tests the SpinLord Hai
Speed: 4
Control: 4.5
Deception: 10
Colors: red+black
Sponges: ox
Type of rubber: Long pips
Made in: China

The Hai is a new lp rubber for playing close to the table (chop blocks, active and passive blocks, lifting the ball, counter-attacking).

It is one of the most dangerous rubbers on the market - many strokes like chop-blocks can be played with even more disruptive effect than with the Dornenglan, only for passive blocks it is a bit weaker.

On the other hand, the Hai is not as easy to control as some of SpinLord's other rubbers.

Many reports indicate that players need at least 3 practice sessions to fully understand how to play the Hai. Compared to a rubber like Dornenglanz III, which is very easy to master out of the box, there is a big difference in this regard.

The Hai is faster than the Blitzschlag, but a bit slower than the Dornenglanz. The tops of the pimples are flat and sticky, similar to Dornenglanz. The pimples are very large and also very long. The Hai is a bit harder than the Dornenglanz, but not as hard as the Sternenfall.

For the classic undercut defense the Hai is rather weak. It is possible, but only in emergency situations, not to win a game.

So the Hai is not an allround rubber like the Blitzschlag, it is a rubber with clear strengths and weaknesses.

All in all the Hai is clearly a rubber for advanced players who prefer a modern style of defense.

This rubber is only sold in ox red and black.

By the way Hai is the German word for shark :-)

Durability of the pimples: Slightly above average
Pimple tops: Flat and sticky
Shape of the pimples: Straight