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Keiler II

GeblockTT tests the SpinLord Keiler II
Speed: 13
Control: 6.5
Spin: 9.5
Colors: violett + black
Sponges: 1,5 /1,8 / 2,0 mm
Type of rubber: Semi-long pips
Made in: China
Sponge hardness : 45-47 desgrees
Sponge color: violett

The SpinLord Keiler combines the unchanged top-sheet of the Keiler with the new sponge of the Lion Vanquish.

Why all this?

The SpinLord Keiler was used very successfully at international level in the women's sector, but the sponge was a little too soft and a little too slow for use in the men's professional sector.

This is where we come in with the Keiler II, which now uses a fairly hard (hardness approx. 45-47 degrees) and also very fast sponge. Nevertheless, the ball impact is only medium hard overall and definitely softer than with the Waran II. This is of course due to the slightly longer and softer pimples of the Keiler II.

The Keiler II is also more elastic and more dangerous overall than the Keiler (both are even more so in comparison to the rubbers from the Waran series).

The sponge of the Keiler II is currently one of the very best sponges produced in China. Most pimples from China and also many from European brands use simpler sponges, the best sponges are usually reserved for the pimple-in rubbers. You will immediately notice the difference between the Keiler II and such rubbers: The Keiler II simply has more penetrating power and disruptive effect, but thanks to its enormous variability it is still easy to control even with passive strokes.

Until now, it was almost always said that medium-length pimples were only for the lower divisions of the men's game. With the Keiler II, we are now presenting the first medium-length pimple that is primarily intended for players in the upper leagues.

Of course, the Keiler II is nowhere near as fast as the Waran II and is less suitable for hard final strokes.

However, in addition to the disruptive effect, the rotation development is generally better. Very strong players can even play an effective undercut defence with the Keiler II, topspins with a shortened arm movement are also possible. However, its most important strength is its powerful counter-attacking and blocking game.

The Keiler II can be used as a forehand rubber as well as a backhand rubber.

Its weight is within an acceptable range, but the Keiler II is not as lightweight as the Keiler. The weight is on a par with the Gipfelsturm, but still below that of the Waran II.

The pimples are durable, as is the sponge.

Unfortunately, the higher price is unavoidable. The top rubber of the Keiler was already the most expensive of the pimple-out rubbers, and now the sponge is too. This is why the Keiler II is one of our most expensive "Made in China" rubbers - but also one of the best.