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Marder II

YouTube video about the SpinLord Marder II
Speed: 8.5
Control: 9
Spin: 10
Colors: red + black
Sponges: 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,1 mm
Type of rubber: Inverted
Made in: China (top-sheet) + Japan (sponge)
Sponge hardness (our rating): ca. 40-43 degrees
Sponge color: cream (white)

Marder II combines the top-sheet of Marder with a medium soft high quality sponge "made in Japan". Marder II is the best choice for controlled attack with maximum spin values. Marder II is highly elastic and plays similar to rubbers made in Japan or Germany. But in addition the sticky top-sheet gives the player more spin and control in all strokes.