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Leviathan (Premium)

Speed: 5
Control: 4
Deception: 9.5
Colors: red + black
Sponges: ox
Type of rubber: Long Pips
Made in: China

This is the final version of the Leviathan, which now is very durable and also available in red.

However, there is also a slight change in playing characteristics compared to the “1a” version, although we tried to keep the differences as small as possible.

The other two versions (1a and 1b version) will be sold as long as our stock lasts (it is still very large due to the pandemic situation), but they will no longer be reproduced.

The pimple geometry of the Leviathan remains absolutely unchanged (so the pimples are very long, rather thin and cylindrical formed). The grip of the pimple tops is a bit below that of the “1a” version, but still high. You can recognize the premium version by the fact that the pimple tops are not covered with foil.

The rubber compound is still medium-hard.

Like the other versions, this version is slightly more elastic than the Dornenglanz. The Leviathan Premium is also slightly faster than the Leviathan 1a or the Dornenglanz.

The Leviathan Premium enables to place the balls very precisely, which we consider to be the main strength of this rubber together in combination with the very flat ball trajectory. In addition, the Leviathan Premium is very versatile (it can be used for all kinds of strokes), not too hard to control considering its rather high speed and insensitive to incoming rotation.

For passive block balls the Dornenglanz is more dangerous, but for active pushing or "chop blocks" the Leviathan Premium is better, also for aggressive attacking and undercut defence.

Overall, the Leviathan Premium works amazing well also for playing close to the table despite its rather high speed. But it should mainly be used for active strokes in preparation of an own attack with the forehand, not for just playing a passive block ball and hoping the disruptive effect will get you the point.

Also this version of the Leviathan is still noticeably descended from the Dornenglanz, but differs from it a little more clearly than the Leviathan1a or 1b. The difference between the Leviathan Premium and the Leviathan 1b is slightly smaller than between the Leviathan Premium and the Leviathan 1a. We also think the Leviathan Premium should be a good rubber for players who have played the Dornenglanz II before or the Agenda.