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Speed: 8.5
Control: 9.5
Weight ca.: 78 g
Speed level: OFF
Size of blade: 157 x 152 mm
Total thickness of the blade: 8,5 mm

Like all the blades in the MIG series, the SpinLord MIG2 was developed by Michael Schneider and is produced in his high-tech manufacturing facility in Neuwied (Germany) (MIG stands for „Made in Germany“).

Thus, it differs fundamentally from our previous blades. Only the size of the striking face (ca. 157 x 152 mm) of the MIG2 nearly matches the proven size of many other blades from SpinLord (the minimally larger striking face is supposed to increase the impact security for material players). The handle is much longer (ca. 10,5 cm) and a bit stronger. Therefore the MIG2 is perfectly balanced and less top-heavy than other balsa-blades. On the other hand, the MIG blades are ideal for players with larger hands. So this blade cannot be recommended for the use in the youth sector, but this should not be the target group in terms of price and play anyway.

The MIG2 is a balsa blade, although the core veneer is not balsa (but kiri). Overall the MIG2 is made of 7 (5+2) veneers in the following combination (total thickness about 8,5mm):

• Beech 0,6mm (exterior veneer) • Balsa 2,0 mm • Carbon fleece • Kiri 3,2mm (core veneer) • Carbon fleece • Balsa 2,0 mm • Beech 0,6mm (exterior veneer)

Thus, it is not a combination blade, but dampens in the passive game still very strongly, because of the outwards shifted balsa veneers. In the offensive game the inserts made of thin carbon fleece and the core veneer made of kiri provide the necessary power and stability.

The exterior veneers made of beech enable high rotation values for inverted rubber or rather a lot of disruptive effects in combination with a pimple out rubber and antis. Beech is a hard type of blade, but the overall feeling is very soft because the outwardly shifted balsa veneers affect the ball stop significantly more than conventional balsa blades (the balsa is rather soft and unusually high in quality). Therefore the special “balsa feel” is very distinctive for this blade, and even without the common disadvantage of excessive vibration in rapid offensive strikes.

In principle this blade can be combined well with all sorts of rubbers, but it should appeal especially to “material players”. It is similar to our blades First Strike and Carbon Strike, though it is slightly better in play, it is a bit heavier with a weight of ca. 78g (unfortunately the selection of a lighter blade is not possible). The pace is above that of the Carbon Strike and just below that of the First Strike II. Therefore the MIG2 is a controllable – medium speed offensive blade.

The MIG2 is extremely strong in topspins as well as block and counter balls. It is also good for undercut balls but not so good in the undercut defense. For the hard shot, this blade is average well suited.

Like all blades of this manufacturer, this blade also offers a perfect finish including round edges and an included striking face seal. An important aspect is the very high freedom from distortion, especially in the direct comparison to balsa blades from other (German) manufacturers. The handles are made of solid undyed sitka spruce.

The price is certainly unusually low for such a high-quality blade, but please keep in mind: there are no discounts and we cannot make custom-made changes to the blade. Likewise, we have saved a complicated sales packaging. We also do not offer test blades, the usual limitations in the advice apply to this product as well.

In conclusion the are some (rough!) comparisons to our previously offered balsa blades, so that our regular costumers can better assess this blade: In comparison to the Carbon Strike the MIG2 is softer in the ball stop, faster, similarly elastic, more controlled. In comparison to the First Strike II the MIG2 is slightly faster, softer in the ball stop, more elastic, more controlled. Compared to the Ultra Balsa V the MIG2 is slower, much softer in the ball stop, more elastic and more controllable as well. In comparison to the no longer manufactured Ultra Aramid the MIG2 is similar in the ball stop but faster and slightly less elastic. Please not that we cannot make comparisons to blades from other manufacturers, not even on request.