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Tiger II

Speed: 10.5
Control: 8.5
Spin: 9.5
Colors: red+black
Sponges: 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,1 mm
Type of rubber: Inverted
Made in: China
Sponge hardness: ca. 38-40 degrees
Sponge color: orange

In contrast to our latest innovations such as the Ozelot Pro, the Tiger II is a light, rather soft rubber at a very attractive price.

With the Tiger II, we want to offer a rubber that lies between the Marder III and Irbis in terms of speed and spin values - the sponge is the same as in these two rubbers.

The advantage is certainly that the speed values are much closer to Irbis than to Marder III, but the spin values are significantly higher.

Tiger II is a very grippy but not sticky rubber.

Its spin values are at the upper limit in this category. Its speed is more than sufficient for a dynamic offensive game and passive strokes such as block balls are easier to play than with many other offensive rubbers.

The top rubber of the Tiger II is more elastic than the top rubbers of Marder III and Irbis - as a result, the ball impact is somewhat softer and the "sound" and the in-built speed glue effect are stronger.

Nevertheless, the ball can be placed very precisely with the Tiger II, the feel is never mushy or the catapult effect uncontrollable.

The Tiger II is ideal for an offensive game based on topspins with long arm movements. It can be used by players of almost all levels, with the exception of the highest leagues, where harder rubbers are favoured. Tiger II is also not the right rubber for players who mainly play their strokes from the wrist, i.e. with very short arm movements - harder rubbers are also better for these players.

The Tiger II would also be our tip for ambitious junior players.

As always, the quality of workmanship and durability are good - very good, definitely very good for the price.