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YouTube video about the SpinLord Strahlkraft
Speed: 3.5
Control: 4.5
Deception: 10
Colors: red + black
Sponges: ox / 1,0 mm
Type of rubber: Long Pips
Made in: China
Sponge hardness (our rating): ca. 40-43 degrees
Sponge color: cream (white)

Our newest long pimple-out rubber SpinLord Strahlkraft is quite different from our other rubbers.
The rubber compound of the Strahlkraft is based on the rubber compound of the Blitzschlag but a new Polymer has been added which makes the rubber even more tacky and elastic and thus even more dangerous.
And the pimples of the Strahlkraft are also very durable !

Also the shape of the pimples is new. The pimples have very wide supporting cones at the bottom of the cylindrical formed pimples. The tops of the pimples are flat and sticky. The rubber compound is almost soft, but the shape of the pimples makes the feeling of the rubber appear to be a little bit harder as it actually is.

The slower a pimple is, the less disruptive effect it normally will have. With the Strahlkraft this is different, because the higher grip increases the spin values. And the supporting cones have a function similar to a spring, which enables a confusing ball trajectory. Also the highly elastic rubber compound lets the pimples wobble easier.

Strahlkraft is our suggestion for advanced and professional players who prefer a modern very versatile and active style of defending.
That also means that this rubber is not very suitable for players who do not play much more then passive block balls.

The ox version is best for players who often play close to the table and preferr to attack every weak ball of the opponent. Strahlkraft in ox is specially good for players with short and sudden arm and wrist movments, because this makes the rubber more dangerous then other rubbers.

The version of the Strahlkraft with sponge (the sponge is medium hard) is best for a versatile defense some steps away from the table. The Strahlkraft with sponge is even more dangerous then the Agenda or the Dornenglanz II for this style of playing, but also a little bit more difficult to control.

Strahlkraft will not only totally confuse your opponent, but also enables a spectacular new style of playing. The future of table-tennis begins now!

Durability of the pimples: Very good
Pimple tops: Flat, sticky
Shape of the pimples: Straight with extra wide supporting cones at the end of the pimples