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Ultra Seal 20 ml / 100 ml

Item: varnish for tt-blades
Made in: Romania

Very good varnish for all kinds of table-tennis blades, of course without VOC. It is really very easy to use !.
Sold in 20 or 100 ml bottles.
Sponges for applying the varnish are included.
Dry time: 2 hours for each layer (48h before use of ahesive sheets).
Depending on the kind of blade, 1-2 layers of varnish are needed for the best possible protection.
For our SpinLord blades, only 1 layer is needed.

How to use:

1. Please make sure the surface of your blade is clean before applying the varnish.
2. Apply varnish on the blade (not on the sponge).
3. Use the sponge to make an even layer of varnish on the blade. Please use the smallest side of the sponge.
4. Carefully remove any small pieces of dust or crystals from the varnish before the varnish fully dries.
5. Let varnish dry about 2 hours.
6. For most blades one layer of varnish is enough.
7. A second layer of varnish is only needed for blades with very rough surface.
8. If you want to use an adhesive sheet on the blade, please let the varnish dry for 48 hours.
9. Clean the sponge with water for reusing or cut the used part of sponge.
10. Warning: Please note that the varnish will spoil very fast if the bottle is left open.