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Waran III

Waran III Test von GeblocKTT
Speed: 14.5
Control: 7
Spin: 8.5
Colors: red+black
Sponges: 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 mm
Type of rubber: Short pips
Made in: China
Sponge hardness (our rating) : 44-46 degrees
sponge color: violett

The Waran III is not a completely new rubber, but a further development of the Waran and Waran II.

The top-sheet has not been changed - and there is no reason to, as it is still one of the fastest and hardest top-sheets around.

The purple sponge of the Waran III - which is the same as that of the Ozelot Pro - is a new development from 2023. 10 years ago, the sponge of the Waran II was the absolute top model in the factory, but a lot has happened since then. The differences between the two sponges are therefore correspondingly large.

The Waran III sponge is harder than the Waran, but a tad softer than the Waran II (hardness level 44-46 degrees). However, it is not only considerably faster and more catapult-like, but also much more elastic.

This makes the Waran III somewhat more spin-friendly than its predecessors. Of course, it is not immediately a topspin rubber - but in addition to hard-hitting shots, it is now easier to pull off.

You simply have to experience the speed and catapult effect of the Waran III - compared to the Waran III, the Waran is a lame duck.

However, it should be noted: As the top-sheets are identical, the difference in speed between the different versions is greatest in 2.0 mm and least in 1.5 mm (but even then still clearly noticeable).

The Waran III is of course aimed at players who can handle this extreme speed - but the control is very good in relation to the speed.

However, it is certainly not a rubber for passive blocking, but for players who attack actively and aggressively and only play passively when there is no other option.

If anyone asks about the disruptive effect: A rubber like Waran III is not about the disruptive effect. It's about winning the rally immediately with a hard offensive shot. Waran III is dangerous for the opponent due to its very flat ball flight curve and its speed; there is simply no disruptive effect at all with this rubber due to bending pimples (as is usual with long pimples).

Waran III should therefore only be considered as a backhand rubber for very offensive players.

The target group for use as a forehand rubber is likely to be larger. For example, if you play a slow blade and a long pimple on the backhand and are looking for a rubber with which you can attack powerfully with the forehand despite your blade, then Waran III could be the right solution for you.

The Waran III is also suitable for players from the top leagues.

Very positive: Although the Waran III is heavier than the Waran, it is significantly lighter than the Waran II (and also than the Wyvern). The weight of the Waran III is therefore unproblematic and also allows it to be combined with heavier blades.

Of course, the Waran III is significantly more expensive than its predecessors due to its new type of sponge.

However, with the Waran III it is no problem for us to select a slightly harder or softer rubber.