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x-film adhesive sheet

Item: : adhesive sheet for ox rubbers
Made in: Germany

Very thin adhesive sheet for attaching ox rubbers to the blade. Works also with ox rubbers of poor quality (wrinkled rubbers for example). This adhesive sheet can also be used for long pips with sponge and rubbers with dampening sponges, but not for inverted rubbers or short / medium pips with sponge.
This adhesive sheet is made by x-film in Germany. It has been developed for SpinLord specially for the needs of table-tennis players. It is easy to remove from the blade and has almost no effect on the playing characteristics of the racket.

Assembly instructions for x-film adhesive sheets (adhesive film):
Please adhere to these instructions in detail. These adhesive sheets can be used only for rubbers without sponge (ox rubbers).
1. Never use adhesive sheets in cold condition (not below 20 degrees).
2. Adhesive sheets should be applied only on varnished blades. Varnish must be dry, otherwise the adhesive sheet will create bubbles or the adhesive sheet will damage the blade. We suggest to let the the varnish dry at least 48 hours.
3. Remove the cover sheet (side with logo ”x-film“). Please note that in any case, this cover sheet has to be removed first. If you attach the adhesive sheet with the wrong side on the blade, the ox rubber still can be attached without major problems, but the blade will be damaged when pulling of the adhesive sheet.
4. Press the adhesive sheet with the sticking side on the blade.
5. Rub the adhesive sheet very firmly.
6. Cut the adhesive sheet to the size of the blade.
7. Now remove the second cover sheet (the side without the “x-film” logo).
8. Now you can apply the rubber. Rub firmly. Done!
9. The maximum adhesion is reached after 24 h. Initially lower adhesion can be used to remove the glue sheet easily, for example when multiple rubbers should be tested.