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Speed: 3.5
Control: 5
Deception: 9
Colors: red + black
Sponges: ox / 1,0 mm
Type of rubber: Long Pips
Made in: China
Sponge hardness (our rating): ca. 35 - 38 degrees
Sponge color: cream (white)

The SpinLord Zeigeist was together with the Stachelfeuer our first long pimple-out rubber, but we can say that it is far from being outdated.

Even after years there are still many players who are looking for a long pimple-out rubber that is ideal for playing block balls close to the table. The Zeitgeist is still our best solution for players who do not do much more then playing block balls and are looking for a rubber that is both dangerous and very easy to control.

Our SpinLord Dornenglanz would also be an option for such players, it is even more dangerous then the Zeitgeist, but also more difficult to play. Many average players have problems to control the Dornenglanz and for these players the Zeitgeist may still be the best choice.

The Zeitgeist is insensitive to incoming spin, slow and has a medium hard rubber compound. The pimples have a cylindrical form without any supporting cones at the lower end of the pimples. The tops of the pimples are flat and very grippy. The pimples have a medium width and the space between the pimples is very large.

All strokes played with the Zeitgeist can be placed very short and flat. So the Zeitgeist can be played almost similar to a frictionless long pimple rubber, but of course it is not as dangerous by far. That means it is the ideal rubber for players who play their strokes without using their wrist. Zeitgeist helps these players to keep in control of their game and wait for a chance to attack with the forehand.

Besides block balls also attacking with Zeitgeist is easy and effective. Undercut balls are possible, but not very dangerous.

Durability of the pimples: Good

Pimple tops: Flat, not sticky

Shape of the pimples: Straight